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On Saturday June 15, 2024, Amaxx Racing held a team practice full of fun, drills, learning and extra coaching. Drivers worked on pushing, passing, drafting, and took part in the 1 handed drill and the 2-lap challenge in hopes of not having to do push-ups! We are continually working to better ourselves on and off the track. Thank you, Coach Charles, for always making us want to be better drivers!

Coach Charles shows how the 2-lap challenge Kacen Hendrickson working on the 1

works. handed drill.

Gage Justiniano making changes on his kart.

Brayden Rutter and Coach Charles looking over the kart to see what changes they want to make.

Sometimes we even have to take a break on grid from practice.

Racing runs in the family! Nico and Rayder Santos share a moment on grid with their "Opa"

Bill Wermund.

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