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We returned to our home track of Whiteland Raceway Park for race #5 of the IKC season on Saturday June 8, 2024. Our garage was full of excited, eager, and hopeful faces once again!

Our morning sessions included 206 Sportsmen, 206 SR Medium, 206 JR, and KA Senior. Midafternoon classes were part of our Kid Kart program, then our afternoon session consisted of Mini, Micro, 206 Heavy, KA JR, 206 SR Light, and the Kid Kart Final.

Our Kid Kart drivers once again took the track by STORM! Diesel Maxwell and Kyler Hendrickson was fast out of the box and qualified 1 and 2. Stella Hendrickson had her BEST qualifying position yet with P6. Diesel and Kyler battled in the heat to come out with a 1, 2 finish with Diesel on top. The final, during the afternoon session was a battle between Kyler and Diesel once again, with Kyler taking the top podium position with Diesel right on his heals for P2! Miss Stella had her best finish to date in her heat with 5th place! These kiddos are coming and taking the track by storm! #Iamthestorm

206 Sportsman had good racing by both Lincoln Willey and Kacen Hendrickson!

Kacen had taken a hard hit to the scoring tower on Friday, which made him a little skidish coming out for Saturday's practice and qualifying. by the final he was able to get a top 10 finish in P8. Lincoln raced hard and made great moves.

In the 206 Medium class, Brayden Johnson was ready to race! He qualifies P4, finish the heat P6 and by final time, Braydon raced hard and was able to take home a top 5! Rayder Santos, Gage Justiniano, and Aaron Maxwell were the drivers to take on this class as well. Rayder had a top 10 with this only being his 2nd race in the new class for him. Gage also was able to receive a top 10 and Aaron Maxwell right behind them.

In the KA SR class Rayder Santos and Brayden Rutter was ready for action! Rayder raced this class for the 1st time of the season after moving up from KA JR was able to bring home P6! Brayden was able to finish with a top 10.

Next up was the afternoon session which included Mini, 206 Heavy, and 206 SR Light for our drivers.

In the Mini Swift class Kacen Hendrickson took the final by storm after a needed "Pep Talk" from Coach Charles! Kacen was able to come home in P3! Lincoln Willey finished with a Top 10.

Nico Santos moved up to 206 JR and was on a mission! In his very 1st race in this class, he put on a great show! Qualified 6th, was 6th in the heat, and finished the final with a TOP 5! WAY TO GO NICO and we know we will see many more from you this season!

We had a rare racer for IKC #5 with the entry of Aaron Maxwell in the SR Heavy class!

Aaron only races a couple times a year and worked hard and was able to finish in P7! He also raced in the SR Medium class in the morning session and finished P12!

The final class of the weekend was 206 SR Light. Entries included Brayden Johnson, Gage Justiniano, and Rayder Santos. This was only Rayder's 2nd racing in this class since moving up from 206 JR. All 3 Drivers raced hard. Brayden was able to finish the final with a P2 podium. Rayder was able to finish P8 and Gage had some bad luck with another kart.

Next up for the team is a Team Practice Day on Saturday June 15!

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