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Spring Nationals

Brayden Johnson competed this weekend in 206 senior medium. In heat one he got in a wreck and that put him in the tale for the finish, In heat two he worked him way through the field. His results in heat one it put him in the LCQ, which he ran a great race and made into the finals. In the final he drove hard! He had a lot of traffic to get through and did just that making up a total of 18 positions.

Very proud of his hard aggressive drive! HE had a fast Kart City engine and a great OTK chassis to work with.

Great job Brayden Johnson!

Thomas Anthony competed this weekend in 206 junior at CKNA Spring Nationals.

68 Junior karts in the field.

Thomas qualified 10th!

Finished 13th in heat one, great drive!

Finished 8th in heat two.

Started the final in the 13th spot and then after a little help off the track a couple of times finished 23rd.

Thomas had a fast Kart City engine an OTK on chassis.

Walking away with a very successful weekend!

Aj Stoner competed this weekend in 206 sportsman. He qualified 8th and decided that he wanted to change go karts. For heat one he started in 30th and made his way up to 13th position. In heat two Aj kept making moves and moved up three more spots that put him in 10th, with that it would have him start 11th in the final.

In the final Aj started to pull away when he got to 6th place but nobody to work with and by then 5th had already pulled too far away.

Overall a great weekend and Aj had such a fantastic attitude through it all!

Adam Maxwell competed in 206 light, 206 medium, and 206 heavy. Three classes meant Adam was very busy this weekend.

In light he ran a MGM chassis, in the heats he was able to keep it in the top 5 for his finishes. In the final he started P11 out of 53 drivers. A wreck on the start pushed him back to 20th and he drove back through the field to 9th!

In medium he ran a Coyote chassis, he kept it rolling all weekend and had great finishes in the heat races. In the final he started P9 out of 48 drivers and finished with a strong finish.

In heavy he ran an Evo chassis, he had very strong finishes in heavy all weekend setting Adam up very well for the final starting him in P4. Adam was ready to pull a win when going into turn 3 he got wrecked and was out the first lap.

Diesel Maxwell had his first weekend of racing, and just turning 5 years old he went out and hit every goal he had set for the weekend!

He made good passes

He read the flags

He started and finished the final

Most importantly he had so much fun!

We want to say thank you to everyone for all the support this past weekend with Diesel, we are so excited to watch him grow as a driver!

Elam Stoner competed in 206 cadet this weekend with many goals set considering it was only his second race out of kid kart!

He had worked on lines and pace all weekend, doing lots of video with coach Charles!

Heat one Elam started 22nd and had some strong passes which put him P16.

Heat two he got in a tangle and dropped to P21 and worked his way back up to P18.

Elam worked a lot on passing and just being progressive all weekend, for his final he started P20 and ultimately ended up P19.

He did amazing and accomplished many of his goals for this weekend!

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